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Act of Faith


I am so very convinced, My God, that you watch over all that hope in You, and nothing can be lacking for those who entrust everything to you, that I have decided to live from this day forward without worry, placing all my needs in you.


“I will rest and sleep in peace, secure in your promises because You, Lord, in an extraordinary way have filled my heart with a true and solid hope”. Men can strip me of my belongings and of my honor; illness can deprive me of my strength and means to serve you, even worse, through my own fault I can loose your grace by sinning, but I will never loose the hope of your mercy, I will hold on to it until my dying breadth, and the efforts of all the demons of hell to take it away from me will be in vain.


Many place their hope in their wealth or their talents, others rest in the innocence of their lives or in the hope of their penances, or in their many good works, or in fervor of their prayers: but as for me Lord, my trust is based on my own confidence: “Because You, Lord, in an extraordinary way have filled my heart with a true and solid hope”.


Trust like this never failed anyone. “No one whoever trusted in the Lord was ever fooled”. Therefore, I am sure that I will be forever blessed, because I am firm in my hope because it comes from You, my God. “In you Lord I have place my hope; I will not be forever confused. Truly I am aware of many things. I know that I am fragile and changing. I know what temptations can do against the strongest virtues, I have seen stars fall from the sky and the pillars of heaven shake, but none of that can make me lose courage if You are with me, and You always will be while I trust in you. Thus I am safe from all misfortune and certain that I will always receive that unchanging hope that comes from you. And finally, Oh God, I will never expect too much from you and I will never have less than I had hoped for.


Therefore I pray that you will firmly sustain me in the face of imminent risks and protect me in the midst of furious attacks and make my weakness prevail against the most fearful of enemies. I hope that you will always love me and that I will love you without ceasing, without reserve and without limits. And to go as far as I can with hopefulness, Oh my God, I hope only in You, and so I trust that after having known, loved and served you in this time, I will be blessed to see and enjoy you for all eternity. Amen.