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The deplorable, painful and extremely sad circumstances that our dear Country is experiencing in these trying days are causing ours spirits to become more disorientated, our souls more discouraged and our hearts more afflicted. Country and Religion, the most important treasures that fill the heart of every good Mexican, are in danger. They are being threatened for the first time by the insanity of a select few who want to substitute them for a religion that was born by chance and incubated in the swamp of degrading passions.

These actions of grave consequences oblige me as a Catholic, and a son of Iguala to make my voice heard both as a Christian and a patriot among the native sons of our blessed Iguala, cradle of illustrious patriots and exemplary Christians.

The Roman Catholic Apostolic Religion is the only true religion. It traces its origins to Our Lord Jesus Christ and can be easily proven by historical documents with unchallengeable authenticity. The other so-called Christian religions are branches broken off of the 2000 year old tree of true Christianity. And as detached branches, they lack the divine sap that nourishes and makes the true Church of Christ fruitful. For that reason, they have not endured and have disappeared throughout the course of the centuries.

Two years ago, a few misguided individuals foolishly planned the establishment of a new Mexican Church. A Church that is nothing more than a copy of Protestantism, an instrument of division among our people from Protestant sects in the United States. Their vile purpose is to weaken us to be better able to dominate us. This Mexican church has not flourished despite all the efforts to propagate it.

Those interested in strengthening Protestantism in Mexico to more easily convert it into a North American protectorate, resolved to establish a Church that was orthodox, catholic, apostolic, and Mexican as a means of a trying a new method to conquer consciences. But the native sons, heirs of Mexican tradition, have not fallen into the snare that has been laid for them and have retreated with true contempt and horror from those who have betrayed God and Country.

Only a few day ago, a group of emissaries from the so-called Mexican Church, took over the parochial church in Tepecoacuilco, built by the Catholic faith of our fathers in memory of many pious souls, our brothers and sisters in Faith, Hope and Charity. The people of Tepecoacuilco, faithful to the sacred traditions of their fathers, reflect upon the desecration of their beloved church with anguish; the ancestral home of their prayers, supplications, and life’s solemn memories. They shout anathemas and curse the fools that helped bring about this sacrilege.

This event is exceedingly sad, but no one should be discouraged. Just as gold is tested and purified in fire, so too, our faithfulness to the beliefs of our fathers is tested and purified in adversity. The greater the sacrifices to conserve our Christian Faith, the stronger and more worthy it becomes. Storms purify the atmosphere; tribulations purify hearts and make them noble.

Let’s not let ourselves be fooled. They will frequently tell us that the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church is an enemy of the poor, the worker, and the peasant. Nothing but lies and despicable slander. Twenty centuries of fully disclosed history, demonstrate the exact opposite. The Roman Catholic Apostolic Church is the only faithful repository of Christ’s teachings and that with true selflessness has worried about improving the fate and the conditions of the poor, the worker and the peasant.

We have the eloquent and immortal teachings of the great Pontiff, Leo XIII, the Pope of the Workers. The Church wants improvement that yields itself to the dictates of equal justice and clearly defined honor, not something that injures another. The Church recognizes the rights of both the worker and the peasant, but always within the bounds of the sound morals, preached by the Divine Nazarene who spent thirty years in a humble workshop ennobling and dignifying the condition of the poor.

The Church does not disapprove of the distribution of land. But it does demand that it is done on the basis of fair recompense and compensation to its legitimate owners.

No, my fellow Catholics, do not let ourselves be fooled. Let us flee from those false preachers who are nothing more than traitors to their God and to their Country. Yes, let us separate ourselves from them so that we have no cause to feel shame before the memory of our ancestors and before the Court of the Supreme Judge in front of whom we will all soon be summoned.

For our brothers in Faith, my words are breath; and for those who do not believe as we do, they are words of generosity and peace. It is necessary that as Catholics in today’s circumstances, we forge our hearts in the flames of a singular charity and demonstrate nobleness and generosity in our conduct towards those who have separated themselves from the Faith of our fathers and of our heroes.

In 1813, our liberators who gathered at the Chilpancingo Congress, declared that the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church was the only one that they professed. On March 2, 1821, the veteran forces of the invincible Guerrero and of Agustin de Iturbide united in the City of Iguala, and with one hand placed on the Holy Bible and the other on the handle of their sword, they swore to defend the three foundations on which the new nation was established. Union, Religion and Independence, symbolized in the colors of our glorious flag.

It is our duty to fulfill the dreams of our liberators. Let us strive to unite ourselves in one heart, in one soul. Our union will be the strength that conserves our Country’s independence. A sense of pure and sincere religion must gleam in our hearts because this feeling will strengthen the rights of our people to govern themselves.

Through fervent prayer, supplication and patriotism, we must hasten the arrival of that blessed day of peace and harmony among all Mexico’s native sons. Religion and Country are two great treasures that we must keep protected and hidden in the most sacred corner of our heart. After the storm comes the calm and when the night of our suffering is over, the radiant day of joy and happiness will appear. May God will it.

Taken from the book Blessed Father David Uribe Velasco – Life and Martyrdom, written by Fr. Jose Uribe 1997