Here are some pictures of the Church of St. Anthony of Padua and of Buenavista de Cuéllar, Guerrero, Mexico

St. Anthony of Padua Church

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The town of Buenavista de Cuéllar, Guerrero, México

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The Saint's Relics now rest under the altar in the Parish Church

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Some pictures taken before and during the party celebrating the second anniversary of St. David's canonization on May 21, 2000. More than 250 people attended.

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Father Victor with an article of St. David's clothing. Seeing and holding it was very emotional .

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Carefully unfolding the garment that is old and moth-eatten in spots.


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Setting up the tables in the patio garden  that is under construction at the Tlatoani Language School..

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A statue of Saint David made by a local town artisan. The figure was tied to the railing during the "fiesta".